Healthy Connections
For Moms To Be

This program fully integrates women into society as healthy, substance-free individuals who can care for their children.


Healthy Connections For Moms To Be

The NCADD Healthy Connections for Moms-to-Be (Healthy Connections) Case Management Program provides pregnant women experiencing substance abuse and co-occurring disorders access to a comprehensive continuum of services designed to promote recovery. This program fully integrates women into society as healthy, substance-free individuals who are able to care for their children. Our continuum of services provides engagement and support to assist women in maintaining long-term sobriety while managing parenthood and life in the community.

The NCADD Healthy Connections Program uses a strengths-based case management approach to help pregnant women achieve the following goals:

  • Healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby
  • Recovery from addiction
  • Secure and maintain safe, permanent housing
  • Financial self-empowerment
  • Skills and supports needed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for child/children
  • Relationship skills that are based on respect
  • Recovery-based community support


  • Intake and assessment
  • Medication assessment and monitoring
  • Outreach and engagement
  • Case management
  • Peer support
  • Referral and coordination of care with obstetrician
  • Referral and service collaboration with:
    • Detoxification facilities
    • Outpatient and residential treatment facilities
    • Child and family service providers
    • Community based support providers
    • Medical providers
  • Parenting, child development and life skills training
  • Skills training for co-occurring substance and mental health issues
  • Family recovery education
  • Rehabilitation counseling and educational and vocational services including:
    • Educational preparation and support
    • Pre-job training and development
    • Job coaching and employment support
  • Community-based (in home) service
  • Transportation
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